A nod to the 2020 Youth Fair honorees, officials and the CTYF Board

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Though the youth are the focus of the 2020 Central Texas Youth Fair, nothing would be possible without those involved in organizing and sponsoring the show. Here are those individuals, with an additional nod to the Bosque County Agrilife Extension Office for their work educating the community and supporting the children.

The 2020 Central Texas Youth Fair Officials:

Ronny Liardon, President
Shae McMillan, Vice President
Bryan Prescher, Past President/Advisor
Mary Ann Dietiker, Secretary
Kathie Witte, Treasurer
Nathan Diebenow, Reporter

The Board of Directors:

Kathy Litle
Ty Sanders
Ben Thiele
Zeke Wilson
Tiffany Tarver, 4-H
Amy Heiny, FFA
Buck Thomason
Beth Ratliff, Home Economics
John McGinnis

Livestock and Home Economics Shows Competition from Bosque County; Superintendents
Shae McMillan, General Superintendent, Market Swine Show
Roger Parks, Arena Director
Mary Ann Dietiker, Market Steer Show, Native Steer Show, Jackpot Steer Show
Ty Sanders, Jackpot Heifer Show
Zeke Wilson, Market Lamb Show, Jackpot Lamb Show
Kathy Litle, Market Rabbit Show
Andrea Necessary Gore, Market Goat Show, Jackpot Goat Show
Chelsea Dorward, Market Broiler Show
Beth Ratliff, Crop Show
Kaki Nicotre, DVM, Record/Quiz Contest Official Veterinarian
Roger Parks, Selected Livestock Sale
Ken Kattner, Ag Mechanics, Ag Mechanics Blue Print Show
Chris Coon, Selected Cake Sale
Beth Ratliff, Home Economics
Roger Parks, Cash Sale
Monica Bryant, Concessions

2020 Youth Fair Honorees: Dr. Lloyd and Donna Hampe

Dr. Lloyd and Donna Hampe, 2020 Central Youth Fair Honorees. Courtesy of the Central Texas Youth Fair Association and the Hampe family.

Produced for the 2020 Central Texas Youth Fair Preview Guide by the Hampe family. For the full write up and list of fair sponsors, click here.

The Central Texas Youth Fair honored Dr. Lloyd and Donna Hampe as honorees for the 2020 fair. The couple formerly owned the Clifton Veterinarian Clinic, having supported the fair for years. From checking records and quizzes to a staunch support for the Records/Quiz program, the Hampes have given financially for decades, purchased animals from youth and even donated construction materials as new barns were raised. Lloyd served on the Fair Board for years and a term as President.

He attended the Central Texas Fair and Rodeo beginning in the 1950s. He got involved in FFA in the ’60s. Fresh out of the Air Force in 1973 and beginning his career as a veterinarian, Dr. Hampe attened his first Fair Board meeting. The rest is a 42-year-long history. He retired from practice in 2016.

Lloyd was the officially designated veterinarian for the fair until his retirement, relaying rules and regulations from the Texas Animal Health Commission to keep everyone in compliance. He helped draft and enforce rules regarding the drug testing of animals.

The couple saw the rise and transformation of the fair and rodeo from World War II-era to present day. Dr. Hampe spent one Fourth of July hauling rock to construct columns at the hog barn that year, ensuring that the work was complete before the fair started.
He was superintendent of the Records/Quiz class from 1998 to 2016. He saw those youth that were both recognized and not. He remembered the children that knew their projects just like the back of their hands, but couldn’t afford to compete against those with more resources. This affected Hampe, who proved through his actions that uplifting local youth was his priority.

He began the quiz class, determining 90% of the score from a record book and quiz. The 10% score wasn’t based on show qualities, but rather, market readiness. This created a class of contest in which exhibitors were judges on their work and knowledge of it. Beyond that, winners in this class were awarded a sale slot. After the fair secured sponsors for the event, the rest was history.

Meticulous grading on quiz and record books was upheld by both Donna and Lloyd. They checked twice to advance the hardest-working youth to sale, ensuring that those that deserved the rank received it.

The couple has enjoyed their association with the fair, in addition to their five children that showed. The Hampes have fond memories of the fair, and most importantly, the people.

“From the farmers and ranchers, leaders in the Agricultural Community, County Agents, 4-H leaders, Ag teachers, parents of other exhibitors, all the volunteers who make the Fair a success each to the most important people of all – the kids,” Lloyd said, as contributed by Hampe Family for the fair this year. “We want to truly say that we worked with the finest people in Bosque County. When we look at the past Fair honorees over the years, it is truly humbling to be included in the company of such fine people.”

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