Bosque County Blast for January 28, 2021

Pasture chickens at Chapultepec Farms.

In this episode, we talk to co-owner of Chapultepec Farms in Cayote, John Stanley. He tells about the way he and his wife are bringing food straight from the farm to the table near Valley Mills. We also visit with Felecia and Dustin Frederick of Clifton about their business, Frederick and Co Charcuterie. They put together delicious ensembles of food for dates or family gatherings come together. We take a big look at local events, from dinners and music to the 30th Annual Bosque County-wide Garage Sale Weekend. You’ll hear from City of Meridian Officials about recent developments with Meridian Parks & Recreation, including the upcoming Chili Cookoff and a volunteer opportunity to get the disc golf course going.  Tune in for local news, events, people and more. 

Arthur DeVitalis

Arthur DeVitalis has been in and out of Bosque County since he was a child, and grew up deep in the heart of Texas. He's been a resident of the Hill Country and central Texas for 21 years. He came from Toronto, Ontario to small-town Texas. Today as a Texanadian, Arthur is a journalism graduate of the University of Texas of Austin, a visual storyteller, audio producer, editor, publisher and writer. He's inspired by local history, individuals that unify people to serve others, and art in every medium.

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