BREAKING: Clifton Confirms New Police Chief Mark Leger

Mark Leger was selected as the Clifton Police Department Chief by Clifton City Council. He stands next to the patrol truck.

At a recent special meeting of the Clifton City Council, aldermen confirmed Mark W. Leger as the new Clifton Police Department Chief. Leger has seen a bit of action across the state of Texas, from search and recovery drills along the Texas-Mexico Border and the investigation of shootings in Fort Hood. After a 12-year stint with the Department of Public Safety as a State Trooper, Leger moved on to work for the Texas Rangers. He’s served in departmental investigations as well, working with the District Attorney’s Office in McLennan County.

When working as a Ranger, Bosque County was one of the areas in Leger’s Jurisdiction. He remembers driving through Clifton and thinking, “I’d sure like to settle down out here one day; it’s beautiful out here.” That thought stayed with him, and Leger initially moved to the area outside Clifton about three years ago. With work in Waco, he rarely had to visit and meet those in the community because of long hours. Now, however, he’s ready to learn departmental protocols and continue positive community policing in town.

Stop by to meet the new chief and be sure to say hello when you see him around town. For our full interview with Leger and more information, tune in to Thursday’s episode of the Bosque County Blast. We’ll have more information and you’ll hear straight from the new chief himself.

Arthur DeVitalis

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