Bosque County Genealogical Society’s next meeting is Saturday, October 9 at 1 p.m. The event will be held at the Clifton Civic Center at 403 West 3rd Street in Clifton.

"What's For Dinner? - 7,000 Years Ago"

What secrets do charcoal and burned limestone rock reveal about the selection and preparation of plant and animal foods available to a nomadic family living along the edge of the Edwards Plateau 7,000 years ago? This presentation will describe a domestic work space consisting of a small limestone hearth and pit, associated faunal remains, stone tools, carbonized plant remains and lipid residues that were recovered from a rockshelter on the John Barnhill ranch in Coryell County during 2018 Baylor University Archaeological Field School.

Carol Macaulay-Jameson, M.A., recently retired after 18 years of teaching archaeology and anthropology courses in the Department of Anthropology at Baylor University. She is currently involved in a number of archaeological and historical research projects in central Texas and western New Mexico. She is also serving as the Secretary of the Texas Archeological Society. She and her husband, Bryan Jameson, live in Meridian, Texas.

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