Bosque Commissioners approve new ESD #1 Commissioner, Vehicle for Precinct 3


Bosque County Commissioners met Monday, March 29, approving a new commissioner to the Emergency Services District # 1 Board and the purchase of a new vehicle for Precinct 3.

Presentation Regarding Wind Turbines

Commissioners heard Steve Harr briefly address the court regarding wind turbines.

“I was not able last week to extend my gratitude. On all that I can must, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time, listening to me, and for passing such a powerful resolution. I think this chapter in the book is closed. You can take item number eight off your agenda. I’m not completely sure that the battle is over with. You have my continuing support to all five of you.” -Steve Harr, addressing the court on the wind turbine hot topic.

COVID-19 Update

Bosque County Emergency Management Coordinator Chris Anderson delivered the COVID-19 update. He reported low numbers in new cases, a continuing trend. One additional case was reported, totalling 1,632. A total of 25 cases are active in the county. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,574 have recovered and 33 have died. Recovered cases continue to surpass new diagnoses. As of Monday, 4,778 of the first round of vaccinations have been delivered. Countywide, 2,290 patients have received both vaccines. Vaccines can be administered to anyone over 16 years old, regardless of health conditions.

ESD #1 Commissioner approved, Fiber Optic Cable encroachment granted

Newly-appointed Commissioner Charlie Drexler was approved to the Emergency Services District #1 Board. The court then approved an encroachment permit for Flat Top Ranch on County Road 2640. The encroachment was granted by commissioners, with the goal of installing fiber-optic cable.

Gravel and New Vehicle

The court favored an agreement with the Choates in Precinct 1 to obtain gravel from the property. Commissioners approved the agreement. They also approved a 2008 Ford F250 four-wheel drive pickup from Quality Parts Supply for Precinct 3 at an estimated cost of $10,000. Commissioner Larry Philipp personally checked and examined the vehicle. Subsequently, the court approved the surplus of the current 1997 Chevrolet four-door pickup by Precinct 3.

Executive Session with Sheriff and Constable, and Coronavirus Grant for Comp Time

Commissioners approved the use of coronavirus grant money to pay compensation time. The court approved all comp time previously accrued for deputies and jailors. The court adjourned to executive session with Bosque County Sheriff Trace Hendricks and Constable Scott Ferguson. After returning to regular session, the court approved line item transfers. A dispatcher position has been eliminated, with a new deputy position created.

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