Bosque Commissioners approve Wind Turbine Resolution, Vietnam Veterans Day, and Square Lighting

Bosque County Commissioners met Monday, March 22, and approved Vietnam Veterans Day, a resolution in opposition to wind turbine development, and downtown lighting improvements in Meridian. Read on to find out more about important county business discussed.

Bosque County Commissioners met Monday, March 22, and approved Vietnam Veterans Day, a resolution in opposition to wind turbine development, and downtown lighting improvements in Meridian.   

Vietnam War Veterans Proclamation

County Judge Cindy Vanlandingham read a proclamation regarding Vietnam War Veterans to the crowd gathered. The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Bosque Valley River Chapter, were present for the proclamation.  

“I hereby proclaim March 29, 2021,Vietnam War Veterans Day in Bosque County, Texas.” – Vanlandingham.

She signed the proclamation into effect, and met with the applause of the entire room. DAR Representatives Sue Fielden and Carla Sigler thanked the judge and court for her approval.

Wind Turbine Resolution

The court entertained discussion on wind turbines in Bosque County.

“Today is a big day for us, and a big day for the court,” said Steve Harr, making his eighth appearance in court regarding the turbines. 

After a discussion on the heritage of the county and more met with raucous applause, commissioners moved to talk about a resolution regarding wind turbines.

Vanlandingham reads the wind turbine resolution. The crowd responded in sustained applause.

“Whereas the Bosque County Commissioners Court supports private property rights of all landowners, and recognizes that potential income to participating property owners who sign options for leases for wind turbines to be located on their property could be beneficial to those property owners; however, the Commissioners Court is concerned about potential adverse effects and infringement of the private property rights of landowners adjacent to or near a windfarm who choose to not lease their land to a wind-power company or may not have the opportunity to lease their land to [said company],” read Vanlandingham from the resolution. She noted the adverse effects on roadways and commercial districts as well. “Be it resolved by the Commissioners Court of Bosque County [that the court] will not grant abatements to win developments proposed for Bosque County.”

The court approved the resolution as read. The crowd held sustained applause for roughly a minute.

COVID-19 Report

Bosque County Emergency Management Coordinator Chris Anderson delivered the COVID-19 report.

As far as new cases, there have been three since Friday,” said Anderson. “For the last four weeks, recovered cases have outpaced new cases.”

A total of 1,621 COVID-19 positives have come through Bosque County since the beginning, with active cases at 25. Overall, 1,563 have recovered, with 33 deaths. Anderson noted that 2,037 have been completely immunized from the virus, aided by Goodall-Witcher Healthcare’s recent efforts. The court moved to extend the local disaster declaration for another seven days.

Downtown Lighting, Grant Application, and Maintenance Report

Discussion turned to courthouse square lighting. Eight historical light fixtures are proposed for the area around the courthouse.

“The City of Meridian received a Downtown Revitalization Grant in the amount of $320,000, and we would like to light downtown,” said Meridian City Administrator Marie Garland to commissioners. “I think it will enhance the courthouse and our downtown area.”

The court approved the recommendation, with the county to cover the cost of electricity usage only.

The court approved Emergency Supplemental Funding program grant resolution so that the county can continue in the application process to the Office of the Governor.

The court heard a maintenance report about the Recycling Center, including costs and prices for the sale of recycled materials. The goal of the center is eliminate waste impact on the landfill, which it reportedly achieves.

The court approved an encroachment permit on County Road 1191 for Jose Martinez, in addition to a contract between Bosque County Precinct 1 and Martinez for culvert installation. The court also filed and received Continuing Education certificates for Commissioners Billy Hall, Terry Townley, Larry Philipp, Ronny Liardon and Judge Cindy Vanlandingham.

Fireworks in Unincorporated areas during San Jacinto Day

The court moved to allow fireworks in unincorporated areas of Bosque County for the San Jacinto Day celebration period. The resolution authorizes fireworks retailers to sell their wares beginning April 16 and ending April 21. The court also approved an interlocal agreement between the county and City of Morgan for local elections, in addition to a similar agreement with the City of Walnut Springs.

Following an executive session, county commissioners approved a contract for an outside Human Resources Investigator.

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