Bosque Commissioners discuss BCSO Fuel Tank, Foreclosures and County Court At Law


Bosque County Commissioners met Monday, April 5, to discuss business with the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office, County Court At Law, and take action on properties that have been foreclosed upon. The court also received and filed Public Information Act and Open Meetings Act course completion certificates for County Judges Clerk Julie Snyder.

Fuel Tank at Bosque County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Trace Hendricks addressed Bosque County Commissioners on the topic of a new fuel tank for the BCSO. Myatt Fuels in Clifton would provide the fuel source, to be bought in bulk by the Sheriff’s Office. Dispatch will keep a log on fuel by radio from deputies, each time a refuel is completed.
Commissioner Precinct 1 Billy Hall confirmed that the site had been inspected, and the grounds was ready for a tank to be placed

“We don’t really want to do away with the gas cards, but we want to contract to purchase fuel in bulk with Myatt Fuel, who will provide a fuel tank.” – Sheriff Trace Hendricks. The tank would be installed at the Precinct 1 Barn.

The court approved the new tank and contract with Myatt Fuels. The court approved the hire of a part-time person for the 911 Addressing Coordinator position at the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office. Previously, a full-time 911 Dispatcher position was eliminated, with a full-time Deputy position opened up. The part-time position will continue to assist other dispatchers.

COVID-19 Report

Bosque County Emergency Management Coordinator Chris Anderson noted that the county had a total of 1,637 since the beginning of the pandemic. Active cases are 21, with 1,583 recovered and 33 deaths. A total of 4,983, or 32.73%, of those eligible for the vaccine have been vaccinated in Bosque County. A total of 2,579, or 16.94%, of the population has received both doses.

“The new prerequisite is to be above the age of 16. Recovered cases are back to outpacing the new cases. Bosque County is right on track with everyone else in the country.” – Anderson.

Commissioners moved to extend the declaration of local disaster for another seven days.

Precinct 2 Uniform Contract

Precinct 2’s current uniform contract with Don’s Cleaners in Clifton is up April 1. Costs would be cut by half in Commissioner Precinct 2 Terry Townley’s jurisdiction. The court approved of the change to UniFirst.

County Court At Law Updates

Commissioners then heard the County Court-At-Law update. Judge Luke Giesecke said that the court was slowly phasing back to in-person appointments, while still conducting Zoom meetings. Roughly one-third of recent meetings have been held in person at this point. The court then approved the Bosque County Collection building for use as County Court-At-Law from April 16 to May 3.

“We’re going to have voting starting this month, April 16.” -Giesecke, speaking of using the building so that court business and voting can be conducted simultaneously.

The Commissioners Courtroom is typically used for voting. The Collections building will be used an alternate courthouse if necessary. The court held a total of 130 hearings for the quarter, with 67 open cases were resolved. Warrants and orders served totaled 78. Fines, fees, court costs were approximately $17,159.

Resale of Tax Foreclosed Property, Elections Administrator Comp Time

The court approved comp time for Elections Administrator Crystal Denman during the election for approximately 30 hours. Subsequently, the court approved line item transfers.

The court approved of five properties that were foreclosed upon for taxes due. The City of Meridian acquired the properties, requiring approval from Commissioner for sale. The properties include R17567, 0.40 acre tract out of WMH King Survey, Abstract 440, City of Meridian; R20569, Part of Lots 6, 8, & 10, East Part Block 80, and Part of Lot 21, Block 81, Original Town of Meridian; R20683, North 1/2 of Block 40, Original Town Meridian and described as part of Block 86, Lynch’s Revised Plat of Meridian; R19196, Lot 15 Block 1, Adams Addition, Meridian; R19200 Part of Lot 17, Block 81, Original Town Meridian and being 0.75 acres.

Letter in Open Court

Wally and Punky Pemberthy wrote a letter to commissioners thanking them for action taken in court against wind turbines. The letter noted that they approved and appreciated efforts by Precinct 4 Commissioner Ronny Liardon, stating that they could tolerate a few potholes in exchange for preserving the natural beauty of Bosque County.

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