Bosque Museum hosts first Clay Shoot in three years, Successful fundraiser for Institution

The Bosque Museum’s Clay Shoot Fundraiser was a success, largely in part to sponsors, participants and about 25 volunteers that made the event happen before even more rain came.

Sponsors this year included Albrecht’s Pharmacy, BCP Real Estate, Bobcat Contracting, Cobb Properties, Citizens State Bank, Petol Tools, Northern Trust Company, C&O Fencing, The Bennetts, The Blossoms, The Harrs, The Joys, Mechelle Slaughter & Phyllis Gamble, The Wards and The Witchers.

Going for 100 of 100

Participants started at one station, shot, rotated, and moved on to the next station. According to some, about three of them were particularly difficult. Clay Shoot Chair Tom Henderson said that the best score was 96 of 100. 

The event concluded with a thank-you to sponsors, participants and volunteers. The group enjoyed Rockin’ K&C BBQ, heading out before heavier rain came. 

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