Out of an abundance of caution and per the recommendation of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) biologists and water quality officials, Meridian State Park lake is closed until further notice due to a presumed blue-green algae bloom in the lake. The lake will be closed to boating, swimming, and fishing. The park is still open for all other activities.

While making rounds of the park this morning, staff found an algae on the surface of the lake in the dayuse area of the park, stretching along the entire east bank. Park visitors with current or future reservations for campsites that are lakeside are being contacted to inform them of the closure should they choose to amend their reservations.

TPWD responds to harmful algal blooms when there have been impacts to fish or wildlife but does not conduct regular water quality testing or monitoring of water bodies in lieu of any reported fish and wildlife kills. Ongoing water quality testing in this instance will be done with the help of TPWD Inland Fisheries Kills and Spills Team, as well as Baylor University.

When harmful algal blooms occur, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends avoiding areas with visible cyanobacterial or algal concentrations and/or scums in the water as well as on the shore.

Direct contact and swallowing appreciable amounts are associated with the greatest health risk. More information regarding the lake closure and any impacted reservations can be obtained by contacting the park at 254-435-2536 or the Texas State Parks reservations customer service at 512-389- 8900.