Brooklyn Parking Feud Erupts in Chaos! Home Depot Shooting Shocker!

A dispute over a parking spot at the central Brooklyn Home Depot escalated into gunfire, resulting in a woman being shot in the head and her boyfriend suffering severe injuries, according to witnesses and the police.

The shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Bedford-Stuyvesant branch of the hardware store shortly after noon on Saturday, according to the NYPD.

Stacee Glenn, 40, recounted the incident, stating, “The guy pulled up beside them and started shooting at them.” Glenn mentioned that the male victim yelled, “I gave him the parking spot!”

The couple, believed to be in their mid-20s, hastily left the parking lot in their white Hyundai Sonata after the shooting. They stopped several blocks away at the intersection of Nostrand and Myrtle Avenues to seek assistance.

The woman was slumped over and unresponsive. “He stopped and said, ‘My girlfriend and I have been shot,'” Glenn recounted. “I suppose he was trying to take her to the hospital.”

Yadelyn Pena, 14, shared her account of the situation, revealing that she was outside the Duane Reade on Nostrand and Myrtle when the car came to a stop. “I guess he realized he was too late, so he jumped out of the car and called for help,” she said. She noted that the man had injuries to his leg and back.

“I asked what was wrong, and he said, ‘Look at my girlfriend,'” Pena said. “And I looked in the car, and there was blood coming from her head. I saw her.”

Pena recalled the man saying, “The guy in the parking lot wanted my parking spot. I gave it to him, and he started shooting at us!”

Three bullet holes were visible in the driver’s side door of the Hyundai, which was facing the wrong direction on Nostrand Avenue. Near the front passenger door, a Home Depot bag was stained with blood.

Pena immediately called 911. “The police took about ten minutes to arrive. It looked like she was not alive.”

“The only time she talked was to tell the police her name, and then after that, she was silent,” Burgos said of the victim.


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