Central Texas Youth Fair sets 2021 Schedule, Festivities to begin June 8

Below is a full listing of events and times for the 2021 Central Texas Youth Fair. CTYF Officials this year are President Shae McMillan, Vice President Zeke Wilson, Past President/Advisor Ronny Liardon, Secretary Mary Ann Brandenberger, Treasurer Kathie Witte and Reporter Brandy Pullin. The CTYF Board of Directors includes Kathy Litle, Ty Sanders, Ben Thiele, Gary Anderson, Cindy Weiser – 4-H, Austin Griffin – FFA, Buck Thomason, Beth Ratliff – Home Economics, and John McGinnis. Please note, changes may be made that are mandated by state and local governments with this event.

Remember, all jackpot show entries must be paid at the fair office prior to weigh-in.

Entry Fees (Must Accompany Entry Form)

Home Economics per Entry$1
Crop Show$10
Ag Mechanics per Entry$20
Age Mechanics Blue Print Class$50
Meat Pen Rabbits $20
Broiler Pens$20
Market Animals: Steers, Swine, Lambs, and Goats$20
Commercial Heifer$50
Champion Overall Point Entry$20
All Jackpot Entries $20
For checks, make payable to: Central Texas Youth Fair

Day-by-day Schedule

The buyer’s auction comes after a week of showmanship and hard work by organizers and competitors.

Tuesday, June 8

4 to 5:30 p.m.Check-in of Cakes
6 p.m.Cake Judging
6 p.m.Quiz Record Books Due
6 p.m. Record/Quiz Class Contest at the Home Economics Building
9 p.m. or 30 minutes after cake judging concludesRelease of Cakes

Wednesday, June 9

6 a.m. Barns open for arrival of animals and projects
Noon to 7 p.m. Registration of Home Economics Exhibits, Youth and Open Show
1 p.m. Cake Sale Order Posting Available at the Fairground Office
4 to 7 p.m. Official Weigh-In
7:30 p.m. Commercial Heifer Judging
All market animals, commercial heifers, and projects must be check and weight-in by the corresponding Department Superintendent or one CTYF Officer and Board Member.

Thursday, June 10

7:30 a.m. Broiler Check-in
8 a.m.Broiler Show
8:30 a.m. Rabbit Check-in
9 a.m.Rabbit Show
9 a.m.Home Economics Exhibit Judging
10 a.m. Ag Mechanics Show
10 a.m. Ag Mechanics/Blue Print Show
11 a.m.Crop Show
NoonCommercial Heifers must be moved from barns
1 p.m. Jackpot Entries must be weighed-in and checked-in
2 p.m. Jackpot Show (Goats and Lambs) at the Swine Arena
2 p.m. Jackpot Show (Steers and Heifers) at the Main Arena
7:30 p.m. County Market Swine Show

Friday, June 11

8 a.m. County Market Goat Show
10 a.m.County Market Lamb Show
10 a.m. Home Ec Bake Sale and Photo Sale Opens
11 a.m.Pre 4-H Sheep and Goat Halter Class
1 p.m.County Market Steer Show, Native Steer Show to follow immediately after
3 p.m. Pre 4-H Swine Show
6 p.m.Rodeo Parade in Downtown Clifton
After paradeWatermelon Social
7:30 p.m. Rodeo
The Pre 4-H Show is open to eight-year-olds and younger

Saturday, June 12

8 a.m.Release of Livestock, Ag Mechanics, and Blueprint Entries
9 a.m. Pet Show
11 a.m. Buyer’s Meal
1 p.m. Home Economics Bake Sale and Photo Sale Closes
1 p.m. Release of Home Economics Entries
1 p.m.Sale of Livestock and Cakes
7:30 p.m. Rodeo

List of Contest Superintendents

General Superintendent
Market Swine Show
Pee-Wee Swing Show
Shae McMillan
Arena Director
Selected Livestock Sale
Sale of Champions
Roger Parks
Market Steer Show
Native Steer Show
Jackpot Steer Show
Mary Ann Brandenberger
Jackpot Heifer ShowTy Sanders
Market Lamb Show
Jackpot Lamb Show
Pee-Wee Goat/Lamb Show
Zeke Wilson
Kathy LitleMarket Rabbit Show
Market Goat Show
Jackpot Goat Show
Andrea Necessary Gore
Market Broiler ShowChelsea Dorward
Home Economics
Record/Quiz Show
Beth Ratliff
Ag Mechanics
Ag Mechanics Blue Print Show
Ronny Liardon
Record/Quiz Contest
Official Veterinarian
Kaki Nicotre, DVM
Selected Cake ShowChris Coon
Calf ScrambleBryan Prescher/Buck Thomason
Commercial HeiferAustin Griffin
ConcessionsMonica Bryant

The Central Texas Youth fair honors the National Code of Show Ring Ethics. Click here for a full list of rules and regulations from show to sale.

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