Clifton City Council approves BAC Quilt Show Funding, Police Vehicle Outfit and Senior Parade, hears positive Audit Report


Clifton City Council met Tuesday, April 13, and approved a request to hold the Clifton High School Senior Parade May 14th at 6 p.m. following the normal parade route around town. Disc golf course baskets have arrived for the Clifton Parks Board, and will be installed soon.

Property Request

Kevin Erickson talks plans with Clifton City Council

Aldermen then heard discussion and possible action regarding JJE Properties’ request to abandon North Avenue P between Park Street and Walnut Street, deeding the street to JJE Properties. Kevin Erickson took the stand. Avenue O will be kept open, with the properties to developed as additional housing.

The plan is to subdivide it out to multiple tracts of land, sell those or develop houses and sell the land.” -Erickson.

Auditor’s Report

Paul J. Christensen & Associates presented the 2019-2020 audit. The firm has continued with the City of Clifton for about 8 years.

Tanner Christensen of Paul J. Christensen & Associates.

There’s nothing missing from the report from what we’ve been given that would cause a significant change.” -Tanner Christensen of Paul J. Christensen & Associates. “Total assets increased, and total liabilities barely increased. Your fund balance increased for the year, and you had a very productive year.”

Total assets increased, while bonds were paid off. The city experienced an increase in property value.

You were able to develop infrastructure in your community, but also increase funds and pay off [existing] balances.” – Christensen. Appraised property value increased, as well as grants for infrastructure. “From an outside auditor’s perspective [even after COVID-19], these are very good results.”

Bosque Arts Center Quilt Show

Discussion turned to the Bosque Arts Center and the Quilt Show, with a request for $2,500 from the HOT fund for the exhibition. The show will be held on June 11 and 12.

“This is a pretty standard annual [expenditure].” – Mayor Richard Spitzer, before the council approved the request.

Energy Rate Change Resolution, Police Car, and Texas CDBG Grant Application

Discussion and possible action regarding Resolution #210402 denial of application for approval of a rate change submitted by Texas-New Mexico Power Company and authorization to participate in proceedings at the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The council approved the resolution.

The council discussed outfitting the donated police car. The cost would be around $21,712.59, with a donor to pay $10,000. The City of Clifton would cover the remainder of the cost. The equipment would be new, with markings to designate the use of the vehicle as Clifton Police. The council approved the cost and donation.

The council took action on Resolution #210401 suspending the effective date proposed by Atmos Energy Corporation – Midtex Division, to increase the rates under the gas reliability infrastructure program for 45 days, and authorize the city’s continued participation in a coalition of cities known as the Texas Atmos Municipalities. The resolution was approved.

Subsequently, the council adopted Resolution #210403 authorizing the submission of the 2021-2022 Texas Community Development Block Grant Program Application. The repairs would concern water and infrastructure on 400 block of North Avenue J. The council authorized the grant submission.
The council heard discussion regarding the American Rescue Plan, a grant that would provide $700,000 over the next couple years, intended for Avenue H infrastructure updates. Look out for an upcoming article with Spitzer on this topic.

The council deliberated personnel in executive session, but no action was taken.

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