Clifton Council hears CTYF and Rodeo Updates, welcomes City Administrator

Clifton City Council met Tuesday, July 13, to discuss the upcoming Bosque Valley Antique Tractor Pull in the park July 24, 2021, and hear a request for the fall portion of the Healthy Kids Running Series. The series would begin September 26 and continue through October 24, utilizing the city park from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sundays. Both were approved.

City Administrator

The council welcomed new City Administrator David McDowell and Code Enforcement Officer Ken Reeves. City Administrator Pam Harvey is retiring after 37 years with the city. She’s served as the city secretary and city administrator. The council is still in the process of hiring the city secretary position.

Curfew Ordinance

Discussion turned to ordinance #010602 concerning the youth curfew’s renewal. The curfew was approved by council members as is.

Thanks for Council's Support of CTYF and Rodeo

"We thank you for all the money you gave to fix the rodeo arena. We fixed restrooms with new stalls, urinals, and lighting, painted the restrooms, improved the entryway and concession stand with lights. We extended water lines between the concession stand the restrooms. The rodeo was held on June 11 and 12, and was a huge success."

Clifton Chamber of Commerce President Paige Key, noting more than 1,200 through the gates each night. Tweet

"We gave everyone a scholarship that applied for one. The Central Texas Youth Fair is making improvements constantly."

Buck Thomason, speaking of the Central Texas Youth Fair. Tweet

Budget Workshop and Executive Session

The council moved to a budget meeting, with more to be discussed in workshops prior to the adoption of the 2021-2022 fiscal year budget. The council moved to deliberate about the city secretary position in executive session, but no action was taken. Multiple candidates are being considered for the position. 

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