QB Robert Goodman looks for the window.

The Clifton Cubs found themselves matched early on by the Bosqueville Bulldogs in the season opener Friday, August 27. A tight tug-of-war game played out in front of fans, though by chance opportunities, the bulldogs held on to a narrow lead until the final moments. Prior to the game, Clifton honored high school seniors in a special ceremony. 

Clifton Cubs v. Bosqueville

The Cubs began with the kickoff and the Bulldogs started at the 45-yard line. Clifton quickly intercepted a Bosqueville pass, but a quarterback fumble brought the ball back to the Bulldogs. The Cubs’ endurance held out, forcing the opposing team to turn the ball back over on downs. Clifton pushed Bosqueville back to their own endzone, but the quarter ended with no score. 

Bosqueville rallied and fought forward at the start of the second quarter. By the halfway point, the Bulldogs closed the gap with a pass and five-yard run. The PAT was good, bringing Bosqueville up on Clifton by 7.

An interception from Robert Goodman at their own 40-yard line gave the Cubs control, driving forward with less than a minute left in the half. The clock ran out before the Cubs could close the gap. 

Alex De La Hoya and Parker Tunnell run for the ball on defense.

The Bulldogs kicked off the third quarter to Clifton, with Bosqueville’s Justin Moore running in a 45-yard touchdown. The score became 14-0 Bosqueville by the six-minute mark. The third quarter closed with hard-fought efforts toward the Bulldog endzone from the Cubs.

With time and the final quarter closing in on the Cubs, Riley Finney took a 35-yard sprint into the endzone. An 2-point conversion almost connected from Goodman to John Paul Gardner, but was not successful.  The run brought Clifton up to 6-14 against the Bulldogs. 

A quick slip by Riley Finney led to a breakaway run and a Cubs' touchdown.

For the remainder of the fourth quarter, both teams held each other as the clock ran out. 

At game's end, Athletic Director/Head Coach Chuck Caniford talks to players about improvements.

"We just made too many unforced errors, as we call them. Those are things that we have to keep addressing every day, and try to get better next week. These early games are just another opportunity for us to grow and get better as a team."

Athletic Director/Head Coach Chuck Caniford Tweet

Riley Finney, Parker Tunnell, and Alex De La Hoya lead the team in rushing yards with 107, 26, and 20 yards, respectively. Will Simmons completed 27 yards with one reception, while Andres Devora made a quick 10 with another. Devora also snagged an interception. Peyten Urbanovsky recovered a fumble from the Bulldogs as well.

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