Clifton Lions host Bosque County Spay Neuter, Report Succesful District Meeting

Lions sang America, My Country ('Tis of Thee) after the prayer and pledge of allegiance.

The Clifton Lions Club met Thursday, August 12, and delivered reports on recent events.

A total of 51 attended the district meeting at the Bosque Museum, with several Clifton Lions joining in on the fun. Past District Governor Joe Holman gave the group a challenge. If anyone had an unopened box of the limited run Lions Mints, he promised to kiss a pig if anyone could bring a box for a Lions Club Museum that the district group is working on.

Lion Renee Kettler happened to have a box that she ordered and never opened, so Holman did indeed, kiss a pig.

Bosque County Spay Neuter Presentation

Savannah Lea delivers some fast facts and an introduction to speak Carol Linn.

Savannah Lea introduced guest speaker Carol Linn of Bosque County Spay Neuter. Since the nonprofit organization started, they’ve served total of 2,100 families, with more than 3,000 dogs, puppies, cats and kittens spay or neutered. The organization has three main service areas access to affordable spay/neuter procedures for the public, transporting animals to other states, and trap, neuter, and return (typically only used for populations of feral cats). For the public, BCSN offers dog spaying/neutering at $55, with a rabies shot at $15.

"For an affordable price, a family can get their dogs fixed. It really supports families that may not be able to afford it otherwise."

A big part of any animal rescue now is transports to other states.

"Texas is the worst state for stray dogs, cats puppies, and kittens. Larger population areas have more people to adopt animals."

The organization typically transports between 30-50 dogs in a single trip, with some of them being puppies. Puppies are easier to get adopted, and they typically have higher adoption fees.

Other groups, like Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels, work directly with BCSN to transport canines across the country. Those that receive the dogs spay and neuter at no cost, once the animals head to Colorado, Illinois, Montana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, and other states. BCSN is supported entirely by donors. She said that BCSN has been getting more and more calls from people that have populations of 10, 15 and 20 feral cats. One donor recently contributed funds for veterans or elderly citizens that need financial help to spay or neuter their pets.

"We really want to help that population group."

- Linn, mentioning that nine spots are left in the program for veterans and the elderly. Tweet
Lea presented Linn with a complimentary Lions Club coffee cup at the end of presentation.

She mentioned a fundraiser hosted by Dick & Susan Frazier at the Fort Frazier Ranch in Clifton. The Fort Frazier Fandago is set for Saturday, September 25. The event will featured dinner, a live auction, entertainment, wine and beer tasting, cornhole and more. All funds will go to raise money for a new vehicle for animal transports, ultimately helping to keep the population of abandoned and neglected animals down in Bosque County.

For more information on BCSN and the event, click here. To follow the Clifton Lions Club, click here.