Clifton Lions host In-Person Pancake Supper, Community Roars in Response

Many couldn't wait to get the pancakes into their bellies.

The Clifton Lions Club recently held its second Pancake Supper of the year Thursday, November 18. The the community roared in response to breakfast for dinner, and rejoining each other at the table sans masks. The club hosts two suppers each year as fundraisers for service projects, vision needs of the community, and scholarships given to local youth headed to college. 

A noticeable hush drew over the room as Mr. Lion himself entered the Clifton Civic Center.

Lions Thomas Cunningham, Kenneth Mills, and Richard Bergman were the greeting squad for the event, accepting tickets and cash for the coveted cakes. 

Savannah Lea collected money for the Texas Lions Camp, with Lions Bergman, Kettler, and Lea herself expected to take the polar ice plunge if enough money is raised. The proceeds go to a retreat camping experience for children with disabilities, and is held each year. So far the first $500 has guarantee that Kettler will take the plunge. Bergman and Lea will dive in at $1,500, while Lion Talon Clifton will freeze for a moment if $2,000 is raised. The winner of the Savage .243 rifle raffle was Drew Leigh, selected at the end of the night.  

Lion Savannah Lea collected money for the Texas Lions Camp. The camp serves as a retreat for children with disabilities.

"The pancake supper is a long-standing tradition here in Clifton. We have 180 pounds of pancake batter, 90 pounds of sausauge , 180 pounds of bacon, 15 gallons of tea, seven gallons of milk, 10 gallons of syrup, 720 servings of butter...we have a lot to put on this pancake supper."

Lion Secretary and Pancake Supper Chairperson Renee Kettler, speaking of the amount of food that went into the event Tweet

A total of 575 plates were reported, with likely more than 600 as children didn’t make the head count, and ate free that evening. Attendees were up from the drive-through event, with lax requirements on social distancing and the community connection likely playing a part in a bigger turnout. The crowd continued to grow as the event went on, with many coming in as the 6 p.m. dinner bell went off. 

The pancake supper is thought to be around 50 years old in Clifton, with many throughout the community coming to enjoy the food and fellowship. Lions like David Burden, Trish Ferguson, James Powell, Paul Morales, Tim and Barbara Van Tassel, Lexi Van Tassel, Lion President Tom Henderson, Clifton High School Principal Jimmy Jackson and even Clifton ISD Superintendent Andy Ball could be seen working throughout. Many provided drinks, syrup, and more for sitting guests. 

Approximately 40% dined in, while the other 60% got their plates to go. Still, the city blocks around the Clifton Civic Center were packed with vehicles, with almost no spaces unless someone was leaving the dinner.

More than just pancakes, the supper serves as a meeting point for community members, and many have made their introduction in Clifton at the very same event years ago. Even more still, those same people come back for the feeling of unity amongst other residents of this small town in Texas.

"It was great to see everyone come out, to see everyone smiling and laughing, having a great conversation without a mask, and enjoying pancakes as a team."

Kettler, speaking of the event Tweet
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