Clifton Lions welcome new members and Leos Club, Host Coach Caniford of Clifton Cubs Athletics

The Clifton Lions Club met in September to discuss club updates, and hear from Head/Coach Athletic Director Chuck Caniford on Clifton Cubs Athletics. Some Lion memorabilia from days past was present, with local Lions checking out the artifacts. 

New Members, Leos Club

New Leo Advisor and Clifton Hich School Pricipal Jimmy Jackson, Scott Hulett, Lion Robert Paige, Lion Steve Conrad were introduced and welcome with applause. Member totals are 54 Lions.
Local Lions are sponsoring the Clifton Leos Club, a new club for younger members of the community. An informational meeting will be held at Clifton High School during lunch Wednesday, September 15. Pizza will be provided to those who attend. To all parents, students may bring home an application form for signature. 
Lions pray during the meeting.

"Leos are younger of the Lions  through a joint effort we will mentor each other in leadership and growth. While chartering this club we are only accepting applications from high school students. We look forward to growing the program to younger students in the future."

Pictured are Lion Kenneth Mills and Lion Mary Gean Cope.

Lion Mary Gean Cope received the Membership Advancement Key 5 at the meeting. She has sponosred five Lions who have been a member for at least 13 months.

Coach Caniford

Savannah Lea introduced Athletic Director/Head Coach Chuck Caniford. Caniford took the podium ready to dive into everything Clifton Cubs football to-date. He expanded onto the Volleyball, Basketball, and Cross Country Team as well. He even highlighted students that made it to the state track meet in Austin last year. 

“Our numbers in cross country have really ballooned. Our two best runners on the boys’ side were freshmen last year.”

Caniford, speaking of the running team's progress Tweet

He highlighted athletes headed into state at track, and gave a shout-out to Volleyboal Coach Page Poth. They’ve been working together to take the team to new heights with excellent results, though the Varsity Lady Cubs face a tough start in district play this year.

"Overall, our kids do what we ask them to do. They want to do well. Our volleyball team is doing great. Coach Paige Poth has challenged these girls. They’re a lot of fun to watch. They open up with West and Lorena. I think they’re going to be a playoff team. I believe that, I hope they believe that."

Caniford, on the Varsity Lady Cubs Tweet

Talk then turned to football and the Clifton Cubs. The program has the highest number of athletes since Caniford has started at 70 kids. Student athletes have also been hitting the gym hard, with higher attedance in the weight room that previous years. 

"I don’t do us a lot of favors in non-district when I schedule. We play in the toughest district in the state of Texas. The four playoff teams from our district were the last four teams playing in the region."

Caniford, talking about the challenges the Cubs face in their district opponents Tweet

He and the rest of the team are still working towards the District Championship Playoff game gold football trophy. Caniford said that he wants to be ready in district, and fix team mistakes beforehand. Helping kids understand is a big challenge of the coaching process. He talked about having to change and adapt based on athletes’ skill sets and stature. He said that the team is finding a groove, and working consistently with film each week. Little tweaks are increasing. Play action on the line is important with the current group of players, with their goal to get the ball as far as possible – quick. 

The team has faced a run of injuries even at this stage in the season, and some abstaining from play due to the proximity to COVID-19 diagnoses. He still says that the standard is still making it as far they can into playoffs. However, it’s all about the teachable moments leading up to that first district game.  

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