Shocking Twist: Estranged Husband’s Terrifying SUV Rampage & Stabbing Confession Shakes Courtroom, Kids Were There!

Stephen Giraldo, a New York City man, has admitted his guilt in a shocking incident where he put his estranged wife, Sophia Giraldo, into a coma. This happened when he intentionally crashed his SUV into her and stabbed her while their three children were present in the vehicle. Stephen Giraldo, 36, is set to be sentenced on October 6. Sophia Giraldo, 41, is currently in a vegetative state in a rehabilitation facility, suffering severe neurological damage, leg fractures, and a liver puncture, as reported by the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

Sophia Giraldo, who filed for divorce the previous year, was known for hosting “The Unfiltered and Free Podcast,” focusing on real discussions about life after betrayal and abuse. In the first episode, she described her marriage as abusive. This troubled history led to a tragic and violent incident on December 27, 2022, in the Queens neighborhood of Flushing.

The defendant, Stephen Giraldo, was parked outside his estranged wife’s residence in a white Ford Explorer at approximately 5:20 a.m. on December 27, dropping off their three children, aged 6, 9, and 11. Surveillance footage showed him stepping out of the SUV to clear a blocking trash bag and then returning to the vehicle.

Sophia Giraldo exited her home and walked in front of the SUV. Reportedly, Stephen Giraldo told the children to keep their seatbelts on before intentionally crashing into his wife, causing the vehicle to overturn. He then crawled over his son in the front passenger seat and exited through the window to stab Sophia Giraldo with a knife.

Giraldo remained at the scene until first responders arrived and law enforcement took him into custody. He had even called 911 himself, saying, “I think I killed my wife,” and later told an officer, “I hit my wife. Arrest me.”

Sophia Giraldo was transported to the hospital in a vegetative state. Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz expressed her outrage and heartbreak over the horrifying brutality of the attack, particularly because it occurred in the presence of the victim’s three young children. While they welcome the guilty plea, she acknowledged that it could never fully alleviate the immense pain and lifelong suffering caused by the defendant’s actions.


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