EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Texas Safari Ranch welcomes Baby Betty

By now you’ve heard probably heard the news about Annabelle, the Bosque County giraffe that recently gave birth to a young calf. Texas Safari Ranch livestreamed the entire process, and you can still see the video here

At any time, day or night, thousands were watching the livestream and flooding the video with comments. Another video of mother and daughter frolicking received thousands of hits as well. The last year of 2020 was hard for many, and the progress of Betty’s birth was a welcome and well-received distraction from the day-to-day of COVID-19. 

The view from the hills at the Texas Safari Ranch

Her namesake is special to the Harvard family. Both Jack and Nancy Harvard own the ranch, and were overjoyed to introduce Betty. The namesake comes from Nancy’s late mother’s name, Elizabeth, or Betty for short. According to Chayse Harvard, their daughter, the human family swooned over the giraffe family’s interactions after she was born.

Born Thursday, June 24 at 12:20 p.m., Betty weighed in at 150 pounds, and stood for the first time about an hour after birth. She was just under six feet tall. The legs came out first, and the rest followed suit. 

Part of the Texas Safari Ranch’s mission, according to Jack Harvard, is to provide a safe space for endangered species, even those not desired by zoos. In this sense, the ranch is sanctuary for the animals that live there. In Annabelle and JM’s case, the ranch was a lifesaver, and Annabelle may have not had the opportunity to be a mother otherwise. 

Around the globe, reticulated giraffes are endangered, and even though Betty wasn’t born in the wild, she will still play a part in the preservation of her species. Special thank you to Donavan Garner and Samantha Ramsey with Texas Safari Ranch for the exclusive photos, give them a like on Facebook, and click here for more coverage of the ranch. 

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