As part of the Bosque County Foodie Trail, we’ve set out to sample the best selected dishes across Bosque County, and then tell you about it. Of course, we’ve been talking to Foothills Restaurant and Bar Owner Ryan Bocco about his pizza project. For the last couple months, he’s been working to install a huge 3,200-pound, Authentic New York Style Italian brickhouse oven. After it was installed, cooling the building against the Texas heat AND oven was the next battle.  

Since completion a couple weeks ago, the restaurant has been serving up pizza hot. 

The Process

The oven cooks small six-inch pizzas in about three minutes, while the larger 18-inchers take about six. Prep mostly consists of toppings, with hand-rolled dough and fresh ingredients for the fire. Pepperoni and Jalepeno, Canadian bacon, Margherita, Neapolitan, and more combinations to be thought of are available.

Brickhouse Pizza

We ordered different variations of the Supreme Pizza. Thick-cut pepperoni, ham, bell peppers, basil, delicious parmesan, and more greeted our taste buds after a short wait. Ingredients were fresh, and balanced throughout the small pies, but the best part of every bite was the beautiful crust that was both crunchy and scrumptious. The brick-baked Italian pie was delighful with every bite, and left even more desire to take another. 

This isn’t your typical pepperoni either. Thick-cut slices from the actual sausage give the pizza a genuine taste and kick. It wasn’t greasy at all, but each bite was still full of flavor.

We sampled the brisket sliders as well, and they can compete with the pizza in their own right. Paired with the right cold beer, the sliders make a perfect afternoon or evening delight. Bocco has been barbecueing and making delicious meats for the restaurant since it opened.  


The proof of the pudding (or pie) is in the crust. The crust, fresh ingredients, cheese, and ultimate simplicity in creating these is what makes these pies special. New-York Style or not, for being in the middle of Central Texas, this pie is worth making a trip to try. 

Stop by Foothills on Facebook for more of the menu, call 254-675-2573 and try one of these great pies in-house. Though delivery isn’t available yet, pick-up orders and walk-in tables are welcomed.