I’m sure you’ll remember us reporting on Foothills’ New York-style Pizza. The Blast had to head back to sample something that multiple community members told us about; the Tater Tumblers. 

The Tater Tumblers

One can best describe this new menu item as an elevated tater tot, filled with bacon, cheese, and ooey-gooey deliciousness. It’s hard to explain how something can be crunchy on the outside and almost like a bacon grilled cheese on the inside. 

The mouthwatering potatoes come up with a side of Sriracha Ranch, a perfect combination. Each bite explodes with flavor. 

You can also pair it with another menu item, like their ever-popular Bobby Burgers, one of your favorite cold drinks, and you’ve got a meal.

If you want something other than bacon and cheese, the crew can make different varieties of the tumblers. Watch out for shrimp and crab tumblers in the near future.  

The Verdict

We didn’t really expect these to be as hugely delicious as they are. Don’t be suprised if these surpass curly fries in popularity one day, as each one leaves you wanting even more.

The bittersweet ranch dressing and spicy Sriracha sauce is a perfect dip to give each tater the kick. This is something to try at least once, but you’ll likely go back for more. 

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