Harrell Real Estate Team of Waco donates time, food to Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels

The group was one of many working under Keller Williams Advantage to serve the community last Thursday.

Recently, the team behind Harrell Property Management, held their annual volunteer day Thursday, May 13. When an appointment with the ASPCA changed unexpectedly, the group turned their attention to Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels in Clifton.

We’re a part of Keller Williams and every year, KW across the world has a volunteer day called “Red Day.” One of the ways we chose to give back this year was to all the animals in need.” -Brooke Strong, Marketing Director for the Harrell Real Estate Team. “They did not get PPP, or stimulus checks. We came together collectively. I’ve got about 300 pounds of food for [BARK], toys and some service for ya’ll.”


Landscape shots and most volunteer shots here and above courtesy of the Harrell Property Management Team for Red Day.

It was like a prayer answered for us. We’ve been desperately needing more volunteers up here. There’s so much work to get done [and] our staff really needs the help. We can also use donations for dog beds and dog food. We also help the cats in the community.” -Volunteer Claire Codanti. “Really, volunteers are what we need for events and everyday kennel duty.”

The volunteers worked with the other BARK volunteers to give the dogs some much needed food and toys, and maybe most importantly, attention, human time and some treats. Shelter staff extended thanks to all those that came out in support of the local shelter and namely, the dogs.

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