Harvesting Sunflower Seeds and more at the Bosque Farmers Market

By Jess Houser

From 9 a.m. to noon on Saturdays through August, local vendors are set up at the Bosque Farmers Market in Meridian Park. On July 17, those at the market enjoyed homemade breakfast burritos, car freshies, body scrubs, homemade soap, horseshoe art, a variety of home decor, keychains linked to music, honey, produce, and more. Additionally, those in attendance were also able to learn a little bit about sunflowers and how to harvest sunflower seeds.

Robin Baucom — Catahoula Creek Ranch

Robin Baucom of Catahoula Creek Ranch had a variety of produce for sale at the farmers market. Baucom also had several sunflowers from their fields: smaller plants and mammoth sunflowers. She explained the different parts of a sunflower and then demonstrated how they are harvested for their seeds.

Mandy Whitmer — Pretty Little Things

Mandy Whitmer holds up one of her customized aprons.
Mandy Whitmer’s table with various items for sale.

Mandy Whitmer of Meridian and owner of Pretty Little Things, sold customized decor and personal items. Whitmer explained one way she can customize items is with music. She sells a variety of keychains and picture frames that contain a link to a song on Spotify, a website and app where people can listen to a variety of music and podcasts.

“I create codes for my keychains and picture frames that I place on there,” Whitmer said. “It could be your favorite song. Once I place it on there, you get on your Spotify app and you scan [the code], and it plays your music.”

Mandy Whitmer shows how one of the customized keychains connects to Spotify.

In addition to keychains and picture frames, Whitmer also sells customizable popsicle holders, aprons, and cups. A popular song for many young children right now is Chicken Wing by Cameron Sanderson. Whitmer customized a few popsicle holders to showcase the song’s current popularity.

Whitmer’s “Chicken Wing” popsicle holders.

Estafana Whitmer

Estafana Whitmer

Estafana Whitmer of Meridian, sold homemade car freshies and body scrubs.

Sally Hameed

Sally Hameed

Sally Hameed of Meridian sold homemade breakfast burritos and salsa.

Shell Johnson

Shell Johnson

Shell Johnson of Cranfills Gap sold homemade goat milk soaps. A variety of scents were on display, including midnight waters, wild flower breeze, marmalade spice, pomegranate, and coconut paradise.

Cody Green — Lonestar Rustic Decor

Cody Green

Cody Green, owner of Lonestar Rustic Decor, sold horseshoe and railroad spike decor at the famers market.

Ray Family

The Ray family had a table set up with “a little bit of everything.” They offered popular honey sticks of different flavors, jar honey, jellies, pickles, and relishes, as well as home decor.

Jennie Hamilton and Kari Stanley — Hamilton Honey and Screens

Jennie Hamilton (left) and Kari Stanley (right)

Jennie Hamilton and Kari Stanley of Meridian’s Hamilton Honey and Screens, sold a variety of items on Saturday, including lemon poppy seed hand soap, lotions bars, “hanging whimsy,” all-natural bath tea, bookmarks, candles, and more.

The homemade lotions are made with bees wax, coconut oil, and essential oils. “You set the lotion on your desk or wherever you want it,” Hamilton said. “When you’re ready to use it, it’s ready for you.”

Homemade lotion bar

Chris Kunetka — Meade Farms

Chris Kunetka wears one of his many garlic shirts.

Chris Kunetka of Meade Farms in Hamilton County sold a variety of garlic, onions, and produce. He sells 13 different kinds of garlic, which include his best-sellers: Spanish Red, Viola Frances, Oregon Blue, and Island Star.

“We have a variety of garlic from mild and sweet to hot, spicy, and strong for all your culinary needs,” Kunetka said. He plans to expand his production next year to include at least one extra breed of garlic: Texas Rose.

The garlic Meade Farms sells can often be stored in the kitchen for 8 months to a year and is stronger than store-bought garlic. “I often suggest cutting the garlic in half that’s called for in recipes since this garlic has a stronger taste.” 

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