Historic Home Renovations Complete in Meridian

We visited a 1905 estate that was fully rehabilitated recently in Meridian. Read on to find out more about this structure's history and Meghann Giesecke's work on the beautiful home.

Meghann Giesecke and family recently hosted an open house at 401 Main Street in Meridian, commonly known as the Remington House to many. However, another family once resided there after building it; the Lomaxes. According to Giesecke, John A. Lomax did not live there, but the family built the home originally. We toured the house to see the updates, which took Giesecke roughly three years to complete.

I’ve really met some awesome people doing this. There were times I didn’t think it was ever going to be done, and there were times when I really felt like I was doing it by myself.” -Giesecke, speaking of the process of restoring the house. “Luckily, it all turned out great in the end. I’m ready to tackle the next project after this one.”

She said that part of the fun was learning to make the improvements needed throughout, as well as discovering different patches and altercations built in the house through the years. She called on local contractors to assist, and they often told her how to fix it herself, at no charge. The house was originally built in 1905, so Giesecke had moulding for the interior cast to the same specifications that would have been standard then.

My favorite part of the process was being able to work and learn. Now that I know how to do some more of this stuff, I have a greater appreciation of it.”– Giesecke. “Even though I have been involved in every single step, it has surprised me every step of the way. I had a vision of what it would be, and it actually turned out way better.”

The house is officially on the market for new buyers. Now, Giesecke moves on to the Historic Lumpkin House in Meridian, another big project once owned by Dr. Lumpkin and later, his wife. The house was built in 1898 as a large Victorian-style estate. Progress continues by this fixer-upper that has an appreciation and respect for the structures’ original design.

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