Jaw-Dropping Twist: Homicide Suspect’s Daring Escape from DC’s Hospital!

George Washington University issued a shelter-in-place order on Wednesday afternoon. This was in response to a homicide suspect, Christopher Haynes, who had escaped from police custody at the university hospital. The Metropolitan Police Department made this announcement on social media just after 3:30 PM.

Police had arrested Haynes earlier that day and charged him with a homicide offense, although they did not provide further details. While the police notice did not mention whether Haynes was armed, it advised people not to approach him and instead call 911.

The university sent out text messages to warn anyone on campus to shelter in place due to the presence of this dangerous individual.

At 6 PM, more than two hours after the shelter-in-place order was issued, the university administration sent out text messages confirming the continuation of the order and canceling all evening events and activities. They also mentioned the cancellation of in-person classes, encouraging faculty to teach remotely when possible and advising people to avoid the area around GW Hospital.

The shelter-in-place order was finally lifted at around 8:15 PM, after nearly five hours, but Haynes remained at large.


Jaw-Dropping Twist: Homicide Suspect’s Daring Escape from DC’s Hospital!

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