Local Foundation announces partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

The Leah Demaree Douglas IMAGINATION Foundation continues to touch the lives of childhood literacy in Bosque County. Read on to find our more about the program and how to get registered for reading.
Leah Demaree Douglas reads to her daughter.

Reading aloud to children at a young age can positively impact their brain development. When preschool children listen to stories, it activates the parts of their brains that are associated with processing images and narrative comprehension.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library puts books into the hands of children across the world. They partner with local community organizations like the Leah Demaree Douglas Imagination Foundation to provide a specially selected, age-appropriate, high-quality book each month to participating children from birth to age five.  These books are personalized with each child’s name and mailed directly to their home to create a gifting experience that makes books exciting and encourages families to spend time enjoying books together. Best of all, it is a gift to the family from the Leah Demaree Douglas Imagination Foundation.

Children under the age of five who live in Bosque County are eligible to patriciate in the Leah Demaree Douglas Imagination Foundation program. Parents or caregivers go to www.LDDIF.org and complete the registration form. Eight to ten weeks after your registration form has been entered on the website, books will begin arriving at the child’s home and will continue until the child turns five or moves out of Bosque Country.

Do you know a preschool child in Bosque Country who is not receiving books from the Imagination Library? Give their parent or caregiver the website and encourage them to complete the online registration form to enroll in the program. Telling them about this free-to-the-family program can make a huge difference in their future.

Founded in 2019, the Leah Demaree Douglas IMAGINATION Foundation is committed to promoting the benefits of childhood literacy in Bosque County, Texas. By providing fun, engaging books to local families with children under five years old, the Leah Demaree Douglas Imagination is Foundation is helping to create a love of reading and supporting early childhood development in Bosque County’s preschoolers. Leah Demaree Douglas was a mother, avid reader, and entrepreneur in Clifton, Texas, who was passionate about the benefits of reading to her daughter, Madeline, every day. Leah wanted all preschoolers in Bosque County to have access to the books and resources they need to develop a love of reading and be successful when they start Kindergarten. To honor Leah’s memory and passion for early childhood literacy, her family and friends partnered with the Dolly Parton Imagination Foundation to launch the Leah Demaree Douglas Imagination Foundation in Bosque County, Texas.

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