From the desk of the Bosque County Genealogical Society

Bosque County Genealogical Society Quarterly/Newsletter Editor, professional genealogist and published Author LeAnne McCamey has been hired as the Bosque County Historical Commission Collection Manager as of Monday. The new hours for the Bosque County Collection will be Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

LeAnne’s history in family research started at a pretty young age, only the research involved horses – not people. She was raised in a ranching family. Her step-father was a professional horse trainer who began breeding American Quarter Horses a few short years after that organization was founded in 1940.

Being an avid horse lover, by junior high, LeAnne had written every single horse breed association in America requesting information on breed history, bloodlines, genetics, qualities, etc that they were willing to send to her. Before long, she had a respectable personal library of books and magazines revolving around the horse industry. She credits this early experience as the foundation of her interest in research and the early development of her research skills.

A couple of years after graduating high school, LeAnne married Eric McCamey. LeAnne was a stay-at-home mother who home schooled her sons. She accredits that “occupation” as an early introduction into administrative skills.

She and her husband ran several businesses to supplement their income. Their business breeding and training Paint performance horses grew out of a natural progression from LeAnne’s younger years of experience in that industry. Using her natural leadership skills, she developed a very successful horse scholarship program during her years as the Bosque County 4-H Horse Project group leader.
Shortly after her sons entered public school, LeAnne went to work as the Chief Deputy District Clerk for Bosque County and remained in the position eleven years. It was here that she capitalized on her strong administrative ability and gained valuable experience in all the skills she would later need in her profession as a genealogist. She acquired familiarity with court records, county and state government records, state and legal statutes, and an ability to skillfully navigate those records.

One of many duties she had oversight of was that of the Records Preservation department of the District Clerk’s office, long before Bosque County had “Records Management” personnel. In that capacity she was required to become certified with the Texas State Library and Archives in their Records Retention Schedules.

LeAnne resigned her position in 2012. Not one to sit around with nothing to do, she began taking educational courses from the National Institute of Genealogical Studies and completed over 500 hours of credited studies. She obtained certification with that institution in American Genealogical Research and acquired her DBA – American Genealogical Research Services.

LeAnne became interested in joining the Daughters of the American Revolution when Bosque River Valley Chapter NSDAR was in the process of organizing. She became a Charter member of that organization in 2013. She has served as that chapter’s Librarian, Vice-Regent in charge of programs, and is currently the Chapter Registrar in charge of assisting with prospective members’ research and documentation for application into the society. Her first published work, The Patriot Ancestors of the Bosque River Valley Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Battles in Which They Fought, evolved from her research into the service of the patriot ancestors of the members of the BRV NSDAR.

She joined the Bosque County Genealogical Society about that time and became a board member and Cemetery Chair of the Bosque County Historical Commission. She also worked for Kimberley Smith, publisher of the award winning Bosque Living Magazine. It was here that she gained invaluable experience that would equip her to develop the highly successful BCGS Journal.

It is her desire that Bosque County benefits from her commitment and dedication to the preservation of family, local, state and American history, along with the experience and skills she has acquired over the years. She truly understands the value behind those all important records and the preponderance of caring for and preserving them. She looks forward to serving you and assisting you in your endeavors to discover your local and family histories.