Meridian Amphitheater comes full circle, volunteers are needed again

Workers completed the center circle of the John A. Lomax Amphitheater in Meridian.
Jack Cameron overlooks progress at the John. A Lomax Amphitheater in Meridian. Don Hatley and other members of the Meridian Parks & Recreation Board have stopped in to oversee progress.

The center circle, or stage, of the John A. Lomax Amphitheater in Meridian has been completed. All that remains is concrete staining after enough time has passed, and the installation of lighting in the circle and the surrounding trees. Now, the Meridian Parks & Recreation Board of Directors is requesting volunteers to lay an additional five palettes of sod to complete the green surrounding the amphitheater. Organizers ask that those willing to help arrive by 6 p.m. Thursday, July 16.

The sod should be completed faster than last time, and ideally, without torrential rain. Parks & Recreation President Don Hatley and Jack Cameron thanked the volunteers that arrived Tuesday, July 7, and continued to work.

The duo expressed deep gratitude for the mix of volunteers at the last Meridian City Council meeting, with Hatley noting that young residents and citizens up to 76 years old joined in together to complete the sod lay.

Workers finished the center stage this week, though more sod is required to balance out the grass around the circle. Jack Cameron anticipates the project’s completion around or before the end of the month. Remember, the project still requires donations to cover the cost of the construction and materials. To contribute a small or large sum, call Meridian City Hall at 254-435-2381.

A dedication ceremony is planned for the site Sept. 19 this year. A musical performance is in the works as well, with members of the Lomax family planning to attend if possible.

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