Meridian City Council approves planning for Chisolm Trail Plaza, Corral Area after Parks & Rec Research presented

Meridian City Council met Tuesday, April 27, in special session to discuss plans with Meridian Parks & Recreation Board members. For more information on the projects discussed, see our past articles by clicking here and clicking here.

Corral Area

“Valuable sweat was poured into this project that would become one of the most valuable projects to the City of Meridian. It all began with a few visionary citizens. Many folks had a hand in its development. We presently have an amphitheater that many can be proud of. Many hours have gone into what we will be presenting tonight, the Chisolm Trail Plaza.”– Paul Hardcastle, who conducted much of the research presented. “It’s not just a plaza for bands and eating, but we will be taping and painting a pickleball court. We can do hopscotch and other things for the kids. The value of the sweat equity put into all the work done would easily match the dollar value in the projects discussed tonight.”

The Committee for the Chisolm Trail Plaza consists of Don Hatley, Don Griffiths, Byron Howard, Jerry Mobley, and Hardcastle. Hardcastle presented informative bids for the council to see for the purpose of calculating estimates. No action nor cost has been approved yet. Estimates for all work including 11 specifications with contingency costs factored in.

Restroom Facilities

The restroom would consist of a concrete base, stone work siding, metal doors, and quality plumbing parts.

“We’re not looking for the low dollar. This is long term and we want quality for this.” -Hardcastle, noting that material prices are fluctuating rapidly right now. “I feel great about the numbers we’ve gotten. The [cost of materials] is moving up, not down. This is for family events, for a family-friendly environment.”

Hardcastle presented informative bids for the council to see for the purpose of calculating estimates. No action nor bid has been approved yet. The City of Meridian did not put out bids, so the bids aren’t valid for real action. The plaza will be available to the public 24/7, though bathrooms will likely be locked.

“It comes right back. If you want something, get involved. Start working, start planning, start getting together your teams. Come to us with you ideas.” – President Don Hatley of the Parks and Recreation Board.

Public discussion continued with questions asked and answered. Citizens commented on the disc golf setup in Meridian, praising the course and idea. Discussion continued with the possibility of future tournaments. The council approved the plans for the plaza and bathroom as they are now, but again, bids have not been sought for any work.

Exclusive Sanitation (Trash) Services with Waste Connections

Council members determined that they would revisit the exclusive sanitation Services with Waste Connections after discussing the matter with City Administrator Marie Garland. Areas of discussion involved dumpster costs and trash disposal. The contract will be reexamined in August. With the adjournment of the meeting, discussion moved to a public hearing to receive comment concerning animal control procedures and plans.

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