Photos by Aloric Davis

The Meridian Yellow Jackets came out pumped and ready to play Friday, August 27, for the season opener home game, though fell short against the Kerens Bobcats 7-35. A back-and-forth battle on the field played out, with turnovers causing the Jackets to lose precious yards and points. Before that, however, seniors were honored with a special ceremony. 

Senior Night

Seniors were acknowledged and announced in front of the crowd at Yellow Jacket Stadium. Families gathered and students stood proudly with them before the game: 

The varsity cheer squad this year.

Then, it was time. 

Meridian Yellow Jackets v. Kerens Bobcats

Then, the Yellow Jackets took the field. Meridian won the toss and let Kerens receive the first kick. Within the first five minutes, the Bobcats pushed towards the endzone, with a breakaway and succesfull PAT putting them ahead of the Jackets 7-0. Kerens nabbed the ball on Meridian’s second down for a interception and run to the endzone.

"The boys came out fired up. We were pretty excited about getting started, and still are. Saw a lot of good things last night."

Athletic DIrector/Head Coach Wade Morton Tweet

The Bobcats nabbed a pass intended for a Yellow Jacket, intercepting the ball and returning it to bring the score to 13-0. The PAT by Kerens was no good. 

A fumble return landed the Bobcats leading 26-0 as the first quarter neared the end. 

With ball back in the black and gold, the Jackets pushed forward. Brady Taylor brought Meridian onto the board 7-26, with more than a 50-yard dash across the field. The following PAT was good, and the stadium cheered in response. 

From this point forward, the Jackets battled to contain the Bobcats’ offense. Brady Taylor, Alegjandro Rodriguez, and John Bernal kept the pressue on with a short run game offensively. Jesus Martinez, Dustin Bowers, and Jose Martinez drove strong on defense to stop the play before it happened.

"We lost the turnover battle last night pretty big. That has a big thing to do with the turn of the game. It was a lot closer game than the scoreboard [indicated]. When you lose the turnover battle, you put yourself if a bind. We'll clean that up, and be better for it next week against Frost."

Morton, talking on what the team is working on this coming week Tweet

Though the Jackets rallied, the Bobcats kept their advance contained, final score 7-35. 

"We played Frost last year. My first year here, it was pretty lopsided. Last year at home, we got the win over them. It'll be a good environment to be going on the road. It's going to be a big game for our boys."

Morton, talking of the match against Frost Tweet

The varsity will continue with Frost on the road next week.