More than 600 participants cycle the Hill Country in 2021 Tour De Norway

The Bosque Tour De Norway took off Saturday, May 15, beginning at Clifton ISD and continuing on four different routes throughout the county. Different routes took riders past landmarks, but the scenery and ride for all was beautiful. Some travel alone, while other traveled in groups.

Lining up for the Ride

Registration began at 6:30, with the sun fully rising as more arrived with the start of 8 a.m. Bikers warmed up, stretched, and prepared for the journey ahead.

On Tour

One lone cyclist passes St. Olaf’s Kirke, or the Rock Church, outside Cranfills Gap.

Pit Stop

Pickle juice was a popular supplement for riders on the road. The juice, which contains sodium, also contains potassium and can prevent stomach stitches while exercising.

“Those were brutal, unrelenting,” said one cyclist, Coleman, speaking about the hills around the Meridian State Park area on Highway 22. He lives in Clifton and participated in the 40-race. “At one point, I was isolated by myself on stretches of road and the wind right in my face. It nice at the rest stops just to see other human beings. To get the refreshments, pickle juice, oranges, Gatorade, all that, that was really nice. It was cool to talk to the some of the other riders. There are some folks who have come from all over Texas. I would definitely recommend it, I would do it again next year.”

Rest stops were stationed along every route, represented by blue squares on the map. While most didn’t visit at all the stops, the sight of people for lone riders was a welcome sight, in addition to encouragement shouted from the roadside. One resident waited with her baby to wave to passing riders.

On the Road Again

Many completed their respective routes, with the first 20-miles rolling in as the morning went on. As the race continued, cyclists passed the Meridian Courthouse after traveling down State Highway 22.

No hands necessary.

Crossing the finish line

Water, snacks, and a big congratulations awaited all finishers in the Bosque Tour de Norway. Riders likely felt some sense of relief that the journey was behind them as well.

Thanks to all those that participated, and volunteered to make the event happen.

The Bosque Tour de Norway went wonderfully today. We had over 600 people show up to ride the 20, 40, 60 and 80-mile route/course. This is the largest one we’ve had so far. We’ve been doing it since 2012; this will be the ninth race.” -Clifton Chamber of Commerce President Paige Key. “The Bosque Tour De Norway is part of a four bike-rally series called the Texas European Challenge, which includes Munster (Germany), Bosque Tour de Norway, Italy, and Paris. If you participate in all of them, you get a jersey.”

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