Ryan Todd Bocco Running for Clifton Mayor

We asked the candidates running for Mayor of Clifton the same questions on behalf of voters in the upcoming May 1, 2021 Election. In this article, we’ll talk to challenger Ryan T. Bocco, who is up against incumbent Mayor Richard Spitzer. Watch for a feature article featuring his answers to come soon.

What are some of your career experiences and experiences in office?

He’s worked at CenturyLink in the area for years, though he recently left the company to pursue another passion as a restauranteur and bar owner.

“I didn’t know nothing about Clifton, Texas. When I got here, this place was bad as far as telephone work went. 25 tickets a day in a small town like this is unheard of,” he said. “It’s now down to about five a day regularly. I helped a lot of people here. If I tell you I’m going to get it done, one way or another, I will figure it out.”

Bocco grew up in a small town in West Texas. He graduated high school, joined the army, and afterward, started riding bulls professionally. He appeared on television, film and on other media as he rose to the top of the circuit. A drunk driver ended his rodeo career and nearly his life, but he began his own data networking company in Dallas. He later moved into the Clifton area to be closer to family.

“That’s what it all comes down to. You have to be good at the top, and have good people all around you.” -Bocco. “I think you have to want to help people. And it doesn’t matter what color, what race, how much money, how poor…you have to help them all.” -Bocco.

What will your priorities be if elected Mayor?

  1. Update stop signs on back streets, including those close to Clifton ISD.
  2. Street repair and infrastructure improvement
  3. Promote local, small business

“Small business is the backbone of America,” he said. “We’re in a small town that’s starting to grow.”

He noted the need for more housing in the area as well, planning to address it.

What’s your favorite part of Clifton?

“The people. The people are very nice. You have to remember, I was in somebody’s house every day. I got to meet people, hands-on. All I did was fixed a problem that needed to be fixed.”- Bocco laughed. “A lot of them know me as Ryan, and a lot of them know me as the phone man.”

Any last words for the voters?

Bocco encourages contact from the public and input. For more information or ask Bocco a question, email ryan_bocco@yahoo.com.

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