Shocking Footage: Maryland Cop’s Scandalous Backseat Encounter Sparks Outrage!

A Maryland police officer was suspended on Tuesday after a video emerged, showing him in uniform entering the back seat of a police car with a woman.

The Prince George’s County Police Department initiated an investigation after becoming aware of the video circulating on social media featuring one of their officers. They announced the suspension of his police powers pending the ongoing investigation.

The 47-second video, posted this week and viewed over 2 million times on TikTok, depicts a uniformed officer embracing and kissing a woman in a parking lot before both entering the back seat of the police car, while the sounds of children playing in the background are heard.

As of now, Prince George’s County police have not provided any additional information.

Angelo Consoli, the President of the Prince George’s County police union, confirmed that they are aware of the police department’s investigation after the video gained widespread attention. Consoli emphasized their support for officers during investigations and requested that people withhold judgment until all the facts are known, at which point they will reassess their position.


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