Time for Cake: CTYF Cake Show Winners Announced

As usual, cakes did not disappoint in decoration or taste at the 2021 Central Texas Youth Fair. This year, judging and cakes were held in the Clifton Civic Center, previously held in the Home Economics Building on the fair grounds in town. 

"This year I have the distinct privilege of being the Cake Show Superintendent for the 2021 Central Texas Youth. Overall, we had 51 entries, 43 cakes made their way to the Clifton Civic Center Tuesday. The most popular category this year was layer cakes. We had 20 entries in that category. Come on down to the sale on Saturday."

Chris Coon of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office Tweet

2021 Cake Show Results

Place     Name                       Chapter/Club – Cake          

1             Piper Boyd                Meridian 4-H – Vanilla Inspiration Decorated Cake

2             Stephen Murphy      Valley Mills 4-H – Chocolate Layer Cake

3             Marcus Wright         Cranfills Gap 4-H – Samoa Bundt Cake

4             Darci Jernigan          Valley Mills 4-H – Chocolate Mayonaise Cake

5             Autumn Lane            Valley Mills FFA – Cinnamon Swirl Pound Cake

6             Kaylee Wilson           Iredell FFA – Coconut Bundt Cake

7             Damion Lander        Clifton 4-H – Hummingbir

8             Rebekah Tyler          Clifton 4-H – Chocolate Cake

9             Mason Lane             Valley Mills FFA – Strawberry Cake

10           Trinity King               Valley Mills FFA – Chocolate Coconut Cake Roll

11           Kate Klam                 Cranfills Gap 4-H – Mocha Sheet Cake

12          Caleb Cummings      Meridian 4-H – Lemon Sheet Cake 

13          Bailey McMillan         Clifton FFA – Chocolate Sheet Cake

14          Stoney Vaught            Iredell FFA – Chocolate Cinnamon Sheet Cake 

15          Dawson Cummings   Meridian 4-H – Red Velvet Cake 

16          Brenna Bertlesen       Clifton FFA – Choclate Tres Leches Cake 

17          Trinidy Roberson       Cranfills Gap 4-H – Red Devil’s Food Cake

18          Yadhira Enriquez       Clifton FFA – Chocolate Tres Leches Cake 

19          Sarah Tyler                 Clifton 4-H – Chocolate Raspberry Cake

20         Renee Ramsey            Iredell FFA – German Chocolate Cake 

21          Cason Monroe           Valley Mills FFA – Texas Sheet Cake 

22         Trenton Roberson      Cranfills Gap 4-H – Chocolate Ripple Cake

23         Caly Stacks                  Iredell FFA

24         Brinley Siems              Valley Mills FFA – Coconut Cream Cake 

25         Bryson Bell                  Valley Mills 4-H – Salted Caramel Sheet Cake 

26         Zoey Whitmer             Meridian 4-H – Tres Leches Cake 

27         Emma Bell                   Valley Mills 4-H – Classic Red Velvet Cake 

28         Samantha McGinnis   Iredell FFA    

29         Timothy Murphy          Valley Mills 4-H – Coffee Cake…Literally

30         Brianna Prescher         Clifton 4-H – Red Velvet w/Raspberries and Blueberries Cake

31          Ryann Adams              Valley Mills FFA 

32          McKenzie Hicks          Meridian FFA – Carrot Cake Sheet Cake 

33          Kasen Wilson               Iredell FFA – Nanny’s Blueberry Bundt Cake 

34          Colby Cummings         Meridian 4-H – Chocolate Pound Cake

35          Marlee Boles                Valley Mills 4-H – Fresh Strawberry Pound Cake 

36          Tuesday Lander           Clifton 4-H – Norwegian Hazelnut Cake 

37          Hayden Cummings     Meridian 4-H – Blackout Chocolate Cake

38         Colten Nowlain             Cranfills Gap 4-H – Rum Drizzle Cake 

39         Peyton Sorenson          Cranfills Gap 4-H – Aunt Sue’s Famous Pound Cake 

40         Regan Brooks                Clifton FFA – Cinnamon Roll Pound Cake    

41          Blake Barrett                Cranfills Gap 4-H – Apricot Almond Pound Cake 

42          Rylann Cody                 Iredell FFA – American Flag Cake

43          Paisley Chandler         Iredell FFA – Bananas Foster Cake 

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