Tin Building Theatre to host Mardi Gras Ball February 12

The Bosque Arts Center will be hosting its first Mardi Gras Ball Saturday, February 12, with the Gumbo Kings to bring the Zydeco. The gumbo will be chicken and pork, and tickets are on sale now.

"We're super excited. We're doing something a little different than we have done in the past. It will include live Zydeco music, with gumbo and dessert for dinner. We're going to have a best mask and costume contest. We want everybody to come decked out in their most extravagent green, purple, and gold attire."

Lorana Rush, of the Tin Building Theatre and Bosque Arts Center Tweet

"We're trying to round up some King Cake for dessert, and of course, the event is BYOB."

Rush, speaking of the plans Tweet

Visit bosqueartscenter.org for tickets or call 254-675-3724. Tickets are only available through Friday, February 7, so be sure to reserve them early if interested. And listen to our December 20th, 2021 episode for all the details. This party will be held at the Tin Building Theatre.

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