Valley Mills Mayor Jerry Wittmer running for another Term

We asked the candidates running for Mayor of Valley Mills the same questions on behalf of voters in the upcoming May 1, 2021 Election. In this article, we’ll talk to incumbent candidate Jerry Wittmer who is up against challengers Arley Harris and Josh Thayer. We’ve reached out to candidates and will continue to publish their statements as they come in.

I’m Jerry Wittmer, mayor of Valley Mills, Texas. Jerry Wittmer has been in public service in seven years. I’ve been in public service for seven years. We’ve lived here for 33 years; we’ve been involved the church, community activities, the school and sports activity…busy raising kids and families. My background continues with the promotion of local business. I’ve been on city council for three years, with four years as the mayor. I do have some college in my background, with mechanical and architectural engineering, until Uncle Sam changed my degree to medical. [I’ve had] 33 years as a railroader, welder, mechanic, machinist at different points. At one point, as many as 385 different employees under me. I’m an ordained minister, and a people person. As far as the city goes, we’ve caught up five late audits, balanced the books, and been on budget for the last two years.

Considering we’re a 100-year-old town, infrastructure is the utmost priority. The next part would be continue to draw the community together, promote local businesses, and the people themselves. I grew up in a small town. We have everything we need here, unless it’s a specialty item. Small towns seem to be a bit friendlier because everyone knows each other. We watch out for each other. That’s one of the perks, I think, of being a small town. I feel we, the city, have made great strides in straightening out our past administrations’ failures, and holding down wasteful spending. That’s the biggest thing I’m concerned about; not wasting the peoples’ money.

We put forth all efforts to be good stewards of the peoples’ money. If I’m concerned about my personal monies, I have a greater concern about your money as a taxpayer. We earnestly try to listen to citizens and their problems, and put forth an effort to help our elderly, as they are our history. We’re trying to keep taxes down.

I’d appreciate your vote if you believe we’ve doing a good job. If the voters decide otherwise, I will attempt to help others make the transition if they so desire. The bottom line is God bless our town, and God bless America.

I’ve been tried and proven many times. You walk through the fire, and you understand where you’ve been and where you’re going.” -Wittmer.

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