Volunteers complete Final Round of Krumkake, Rosettes, and Sandbakkels for Norwegian Luncheon

A butterfly and floral rosette.

The final day of Norwegian cookie-making came at the Corner Drug Cafe Monday, November 29. Nena, Phyllis, Ed and Karina Rieser joined in with a group of around 20 volunteers. The goal of the day was simple, yet careful precision was required. 


Helen Knudson brings in some dough for Sandbakkels.

Sandbakkel Making

Anita Hoff and Elaine Bell prepare Krumkake. Bell noted that she was 98% Norwegian.
Kerye Hodges begins a batch of rosettes.

These volunteers created rosettes, sandbakkels, and the coveted krumkake rolled into cones. Typically, the krumkake is stuffed with cream and topped with fresh fruit, like blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries.  


Volunteers with their own fryers at stations created trays of rosettes yet again. 

Julie and Rebecca Pederson fry up the light, fluffy cookies.


Krumkake (plural krumkaker) dates back to close to 1,000 years. Cookies baked in an iron are the oldest type of Norwegian cookie.  

Helen Hubler prepares the krumkaker.

The krumkaker must be rolled quickly after being pressed, otherwise, the dough hardens. 

The cones were rolled, only awaiting cream and fresh fruit the day of the Norwegian Luncheon.

For more information, contact the Clifton Chamber of Commerce at 254-675-3720, or order some of your own by calling the Corner Drug Cafe at 254-265-7737. Again, these cookies are a staple of the Norwegian Luncheon hosted by the Cranfills Gap Chamber of Commerce during the tour, so that’s definitely an opportunity to try them out if you haven’t yet. The cost for the lunch is $12 per plate. The lunch is set for 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

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