McLennan County Shooting: Investigation Underway as Three Hospitalized

The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office and Texas DPS Troopers are presently conducting an inquiry into a shooting incident that transpired on Monday afternoon. This incident led to the hospitalization of at least three individuals, including the suspected shooter.

Sheriff Parnell McNamara reported that a man allegedly fired shots at a minimum of two people around 3:30 p.m. on Monday at a residence situated in the 900 block of Wagoner Road. Although the exact motive behind the shooting is unclear, there are indications of a potential familial connection between the victims and the suspected shooter.

Upon reaching the scene, both deputies and DPS Troopers found that the suspect had barricaded himself inside the residence.

After a short period, the shooter emerged from the house, armed with two firearms, and began shooting at law enforcement officers. Fortunately, none of the officers sustained injuries, and they responded by returning fire, ultimately neutralizing the suspect.

At present, the conditions of the three victims are undisclosed.

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