88-Year-Old North Texas Woman Proves Age is Just a Number with Baton Twirling

ROCKWALL – At 88, Jeannie Strain of North Texas is a living testament to the adage that age is just a number. For eight decades, Strain has been passionately twirling a baton, showcasing that love for a hobby can transcend time.

“I started twirling at seven with a baton my daddy found,” Strain reminisced. “A neighbor taught me, and I loved it right from the start!” watch the video covered by X (formerly known as twitter)

Her passion quickly transitioned into teaching, with Strain holding clinics at SMU and Baylor University, and eventually opening her own studio, Calico Kids, in Garland. Today, she continues to inspire at CK Studios in Rockwall.

More than just a twirler, Strain is a mentor. “I love to twirl, but I love helping people have a good life even more,” she said. “They learn discipline and perseverance.”

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Former student Kim Woods, who began lessons at age 3, now twirls alongside Strain in their adult group, “Twirl Fun.” Woods said, “Her positivity is infectious. I’m always trying to carry that with me.”

“Twirl Fun” members, aged 40 to 88, practice weekly and perform at nursing homes, parades, and patriotic events. Their bond is forged by their shared love for twirling and deep friendship.

Strain encourages others to keep pursuing their passions: “Whatever you love, keep doing it. Whether it’s baton twirling or anything else, just keep at it if it brings you joy.”

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