Alabama’s Lumber King: Jimmy Rane Reigns Supreme as the State’s Sole Billionaire

The business landscape of Alabama boasts a unique crown jewel: James “Jimmy” Rane. According to Forbes Magazine, Rane isn’t just the richest person in the state, but also its only billionaire.

This feat is all the more impressive considering Alabama’s reputation for a more modest wealth distribution.

Rane’s claim to fame lies in his leadership of Great Southern Wood Preserving, a company he founded and steered to become a global leader as per to the source alnews

Great Southern Wood Preserving holds the prestigious title of the world’s largest manufacturer of pressure-treated lumber. Rane’s vision and strategic direction have translated into a personal net worth estimated at a staggering $1.2 billion.

Despite the company’s international reach, Rane has chosen to keep its headquarters firmly planted in his hometown of Abbeville, Alabama.

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This loyalty to his roots is a refreshing anomaly in the corporate world, where relocations to major financial hubs are commonplace. Abbeville, with a population of only 2,000, stands as a testament to Rane’s commitment to his community.

Jimmy Rane’s story embodies the quintessential American dream narrative.

From humble beginnings in a small town, he has built a business empire that has not only garnered him immense personal success but also cemented his position as a prominent figure in Alabama’s economic landscape.

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