Animal Shelter Angel: New Mexico Woman Fosters 48 Dogs in 9 Months

Kourtney O’Hair is a beacon of hope for homeless dogs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When the city’s animal shelter overflows, they know exactly who to call – this dedicated foster mom has taken in a staggering 48 dogs in just nine months!

As per to the source koat Her fostering journey began with a tiny, four-day-old puppy that needed bottle-feeding. The adorable ball of fur stole her heart, and there was no turning back.

Since then, O’Hair has fostered numerous litters and individual dogs, providing them with a loving temporary home until they’re ready for adoption.

It’s not always easy. Bottle-feeding puppies requires round-the-clock care, and some dogs arrive with physical or emotional scars from neglectful pasts.

One particular dog, Archie, had his ears and tail cruelly docked by a previous owner. Despite the challenges, O’Hair’s passion for animal welfare is unwavering.

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O’Hair is a strong advocate for adopting from shelters and rescues, discouraging people from buying from breeders.

She highlights the problem of overpopulation caused by irresponsible breeders and the misconception surrounding designer dogs, like doodles, which aren’t always hypoallergenic.

Her message is clear: shelters are overflowing, and fostering or adopting a dog in need is a life-changing act for both the pet and the human.

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