Bay Area Ice Cream Shops Ready for Summer Heat Wave

As temperatures are set to soar this weekend, Bay Area ice cream shops are gearing up for a surge in customers. Lilly Pheng, owner of Loard’s Ice Cream in Livermore, is particularly excited. “Heat waves bring in customers from toddlers to 100-year-olds,” she says, noting that traffic can spike by 30% during hot days.

The National Weather Service forecasts triple-digit temperatures for Livermore, with the heat wave peaking on Saturday. As per to the official source kqed

Northern Napa and Sonoma counties, along with inland areas of Alameda and Contra Costa counties, are also expected to exceed 100 degrees. Oakland, San José, and San Francisco will experience milder but still warm temperatures.

Pheng is preparing by arranging additional staff, including her recently graduated daughter, to handle the influx of ice cream lovers. “A lick of ice cream soothes the soul,” she says, expecting long lines for their famous fudge splits, old-fashioned sodas, and sundaes.

In San Francisco, Ilary Biondo, owner of Hila Gelato Caffè, is also bracing for the heat. Her Sicilian-style gelato shop, located on the western edge of the Mission District, benefits economically from the warm weather but faces challenges with equipment.

Bay Area Ice Cream Shops Ready for Summer Heat Wave

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“Our freezers and refrigerators suffer in the heat,” Biondo explains.

To combat this, Biondo recently upgraded to individual domed gelato machines, each with its own compressor. This ensures that if one machine breaks, the other flavors remain available, keeping customers happy during the busy weekend.

As the Bay Area heats up, ice cream shops like Loard’s and Hila Gelato Caffè are ready to provide cool treats and nostalgic experiences, making the summer heat a little more bearable for everyone.

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