Beyonce’s Mom’s Beach House Faces Demolition After Hurricane Ike Damage

For decades, Tina Knowles’ beach house served as a haven on Galveston Island, a place for family gatherings and enjoying the beauty of the Texas coast.

But time and the relentless power of nature have transformed this once-prized possession into a crumbling eyesore, sparking a tense standoff between the superstar’s mom and the city.

The trouble began with Hurricane Ike in 2008. The devastating storm slammed into Galveston, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Knowles’ beachfront property wasn’t spared.

As per the source fox26houston The house, valued at $1.4 million before the storm, sustained significant damage. While repairs were made, the storm’s impact was undeniable. The beachfront property became beach property, with the house now precariously perched on the sand.

Years passed, and the once-sturdy structure began to show its battle scars. Deterioration became a growing concern for residents of Pirates Beach, the neighborhood where the house stands.

Richard D’Antoni, a resident since 1983, lamented the state of the house, pointing out that surrounding beachfront properties had succumbed to the elements, leaving Knowles’ house as a solitary, decaying reminder of the storm’s fury.

Safety concerns compounded the aesthetic blight. According to City Council member Marie Robb, the house posed a public safety risk. With parts of the structure potentially vulnerable to collapse, particularly during high tide, the city deemed demolition necessary.

The situation wasn’t helped by the lack of communication. Despite attempts to reach Knowles, her publicist indicated she might be traveling and unavailable for comment. This lack of response frustrated residents and city officials alike.

Beyonce's Mom's Beach House Faces Demolition After Hurricane Ike Damage

Adding a layer of complication to the story is the history of buyouts offered by the state. Following Hurricane Ike, Knowles was presented with a buyout of $450,000, an offer she declined. Currently, the state is extending a new offer of $150,000 to relocate the house. However, this offer comes with a tight deadline: Knowles has just 60 days to act before the demolition order takes effect.

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The situation highlights the challenges coastal communities face in the wake of natural disasters. While some residents, like James Munoz, acknowledge the sentimental value Knowles might attach to the property, safety concerns ultimately take precedence.

The future of the house remains uncertain. Will Knowles take advantage of the relocation offer, or will the once-loved beach house succumb to the wrecking ball? Only time will tell.

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