Controversial Bill Aims to Protect LGBTQ+ Students from ‘Forced Outings’

SAN DIEGO — New legislation approved by the California State Senate aims to prevent schools from informing parents if their child identifies as transgender, sparking heated debate among parents, lawmakers, and community members.

Supporters of AB 1955, known as “The Safety Act,” argue that the bill protects the safety and well-being of LGBTQ+ students.

San Diego Assembly Member Chris Ward, who authored the bill, emphasized the importance of allowing youth to reveal their identity on their own terms, without fear of rejection or harm from unsupportive families. Find the source at cbs8

Opponents, including Republican Assembly Member Jim Patterson, label the bill “The Parents Secrecy Bill” and claim it creates a barrier between parents and their children.

“The state does not own our children,” Patterson stated, arguing that parents have a right to know about significant aspects of their children’s lives.

The Lakeside Union School District recently passed a “Parents Bill of Rights,” ensuring parents are informed about their children’s well-being, including gender transitions.

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Some parents support this move, asserting that decisions about a child’s identity should be made by parents until the child is old enough to decide independently.

However, supporters of AB 1955 counter that not all parents are supportive, and forced outings could lead to significant harm for LGBTQ+ youth. “Students have a constitutional right to privacy,” Ward said, stressing that the bill aims to protect vulnerable students.

The legislation will next head to the Assembly for a vote. If passed, it will go to Governor Newsom’s desk for his signature, although he has not yet indicated his stance on the bill.

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