Dallas Petition Seeks Marijuana Decriminalization on November Ballot

DALLAS, Texas — Advocates in Dallas have submitted nearly 50,000 signatures to push for a local initiative that would decriminalize possession of up to four ounces of marijuana in the city.

Ground Game Texas, known for championing cannabis reforms across Texas, announced on Monday their efforts to place the measure on November’s ballot. This move marks a significant step in the state’s evolving stance on marijuana laws.

As per the source marijuanamoment While surpassing the required 35,000 signatures, proponents of the measure face both anticipation and legislative maneuvering.

City Councilmember Chad West aims to streamline the process by introducing the proposal directly, potentially saving costs associated with signature verification.

If approved by voters, the Dallas measure would limit police action on minor cannabis offenses, prioritizing resources for more serious crimes.

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Notably, it prohibits the use of marijuana odor as probable cause for search or seizure, aiming to reshape law enforcement practices in the city.

Ground Game Texas’s Executive Director, Catina Voellinger, hailed the initiative as part of a broader movement towards equitable change and civic empowerment.

The proposal underscores shifting attitudes towards cannabis policy in Texas, setting the stage for a pivotal decision come November.

As Dallas prepares for potential reform, community voices and legislative actions will play crucial roles in shaping the future of marijuana regulations in the Lone Star State.

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