Deer Spotted in Historic NYC Cemetery: Watch Their Startled Reaction

NEW YORK, NY – Visitors to a historic New York City cemetery were treated to an unexpected sight recently when a group of deer was spotted among the tombstones.

The deer, seemingly out of place in the urban setting, were captured on video looking startled as they noticed human onlookers.

The serene and often solemn grounds of the cemetery provided an unusual backdrop for the deer, whose presence intrigued visitors and staff alike. “It’s not every day you see wildlife like this in the heart of the city,” said one visitor who witnessed the scene.

The video shows the deer grazing quietly before becoming aware of the people around them. Watch the video and article covered by our source X (formerly known as twitter)

Startled, they quickly darted through the cemetery, weaving between gravestones and disappearing into a more secluded area.

The appearance of deer in such an unexpected location has raised questions about urban wildlife and their habitats. Experts suggest that the deer may have wandered into the cemetery from nearby parks or green spaces, seeking food or shelter.

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“We’ve occasionally seen wildlife in the cemetery, but this is certainly a rare occurrence,” said a cemetery spokesperson.

“It’s a reminder of the surprising ways nature can intersect with our urban environments.”

The sighting has sparked interest and excitement among locals, with many sharing the video on social media and expressing their amazement at the encounter.

The cemetery staff have advised visitors to be mindful of wildlife and to respect their space if such an encounter happens again.

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