Exclusive: Huntsville Police Arrest Women’s Underwear Thief!

HUNTSVILLE, Tex. — Huntsville police say that a guy was arrested on May 23 on warrants related to a break-in that happened in early May in the 2500 block of Lake Road. Officials didn’t say what the arrested man’s name was.

According to a news release from the Huntsville Police Department, a woman who was robbed said that her underwear and other personal things were taken from her bedroom on that day in May.

Early in January, a similar crime was reported in the same area. Investigators were able to link this crime to the burglary in May. When the man was caught, police found that he had “many pairs of women’s underwear” that they thought were stolen from apartments in the Lake Road area.

Authorities say that some of the items found were linked to victims. They also say that the man’s acts may have hurt people in the area who have not yet been found. Police are also asking anyone who thinks they may have been involved in the thefts or has information about the case to call Detective Kevin Hammond at (936) 291-5417.

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