Fatal Shootout Erupts at Selma Restaurant, Claims Life of Young Man

Tragedy struck early Sunday morning in Selma, Alabama, as a shootout at the American Deli restaurant left one man dead and several others injured.

JaMarcus Posey, 23, was fatally shot around 2:45 a.m., according to Selma Police Department reports. Despite efforts to save him, Posey succumbed to his injuries upon arrival at Vaughan Regional Medical Center.

As covered by the official selmatimesjournal Authorities indicated that three additional suspects involved in the exchange of gunfire were treated for injuries and subsequently released on Sunday.

Witnesses at the scene recounted a chaotic scene involving multiple individuals firing weapons, though specific details about the motive or circumstances leading to the altercation remain under investigation.

Selma Police Department continues to probe the incident, aiming to piece together the sequence of events that culminated in the tragic loss of life.

Law enforcement officials have not disclosed whether any arrests have been made or if suspects have been identified in connection with Posey’s death.

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Community members and local residents have expressed shock and concern following the violent incident at the restaurant, which serves as a popular gathering spot in the area.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities urge anyone with information regarding the shootout to come forward and assist in bringing clarity to the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident.

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