Houston Police Urged to Provide Updates on Marlin Jordan’s Case!

If you were to ask Katheryn, Marlin Jordan’s mother, about her son, she would show you a video of him singing a Frank Sinatra song. She remembers him as carefree and full of life.

“He was my baby,” Katheryn said. It has been four years since her son’s death, and her communication with the Houston police has gone silent.

“I understand that there may not be much to go on. I get that. It won’t bring him back, and I understand that too. But I would appreciate more assistance in finding the person responsible because he took away a good kid,” she said.

Marlin’s grandmother has been consistently texting the detective handling the case, but they haven’t received a reply since February.

“He has missed out on his niece, his nephew, and his sister’s wedding, and it feels like they are not doing anything about it,” Katheryn expressed.

When ABC13 asked for an update on the case on Saturday, we were informed that an email would be sent to the investigator.

The Houston Police Department (HPD) stated that their last update was in June 2019, when they released a two-second video showing a possible person of interest.

HPD mentioned that the case is still open and that there is a $5,000 reward through Crime Stoppers.

However, the family, in a case with no arrests, wishes the investigator would be more responsive to their inquiries.

“I want everything to be transparent. Let us ask our questions so that we can have clarity on whether they are actively investigating or if there’s nothing substantial there,” Katheryn expressed.

Until then, Katheryn finds solace in the photos, videos, and memories she has of Marlin. In the Sinatra video, Marlin sings along, saying, “I love you.”

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