Lazy S&M BBQ: Honoring Terry Massey’s Legendary Barbecue Legacy!

“Everything we do, from ‘A’ to ‘Z,’ reflects the Terry Massey approach,” remarked Todd Massey on Saturday as he readied to commence the usual lunch service. The eateries intend to maintain their regular operating hours in tribute to Massey, according to Todd Massey.

Terry Massey and his spouse, Belinda, journeyed across the nation securing victories in barbecue and chili competitions before inaugurating a stand named Lazy S&M BBQ in Joshua, shared Todd Massey.

Terry Massey frequently poked fun at the upscale trends prevalent in modern Texas barbecue. “Terry kept it simple — it was all about his rub, his sauce,” explained Todd Massey.

Dakota and Todd Massey had contemplated launching a fried chicken establishment but eventually opted to serve Terry Massey’s barbecue, Todd Massey disclosed.

Lazy S&M BBQ: Honoring Terry Massey’s Legendary Barbecue Legacy

In addition to the Alvarado and Cowtown Coliseum sites, Massey’s also manages a stand in Cleburne on North Main Street in the 3800 block.

Massey’s is just weeks away from unveiling a new flagship restaurant to the north of Glen Rose, housed in a former catfish landmark at 2192 Texas 144 North, along the state highway leading to Granbury.

A post on Massey’s BBQ’s Facebook page read: “Terry was and will forever be the foundation of ‘Massey’s BBQ.’ He was the one who instructed us, offered advice, and guided us to where we stand today.”

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